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The Texas Associated Press Broadcasters is a not-for-profit organization made up of the various Texas radio and television stations who subscribe to the Associated Press wire service. Originally a kind of user group, TAPB has expanded over the years to be an advocate for key issues in today's media. The organization works with other groups on programs related to freedom of speech, freedom of information, and media law.

In addition to advocacy, TAPB is currently establishing a special scholarship and grant funding system to aid those in media studies and develop programs to further community interaction with the media. This TAPB Foundation has itself grown from a handful of small scholarships to an endowed fund that will be able to deliver much broader benefits for coming generations of Texan broadcasters.

Finally, the TAPB, in conjunction with similar groups in other states, organize and conduct contests and present awards for outstanding achievements in the field. Presented annually at the group's convention, these awards deliver well deserved praise from a community of peers. The convention is held in Austin every other year, with intervening years' events hosted in prominent cities throughout the state.

Texas represents one of the largest, most culturally diverse, and changing media markets in the world. Inroads from the Silicon Prairie into the media are increasing daily.

This website is an example of this growing fusion in the media and information industries. The TAPB willremain an involved organization is this dynamic and challenging environment. Our commitment to advocacy, scholarship, community, and the ever mutating media will be expressed in our future efforts. Thank you for your interest in the TAPB. We hope you find this site enjoyable and useful.