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July 21, 2011 Board Actions

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Here is a review of the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters conference call on Thursday, July 21, 2011, with:
-- CHAIRMAN: Joe Terrell, KLTV-TV, Tyler
-- VICE CHAIRMAN: Benji Snead, KCBD-TV, Lubbock
-- TV PRESIDENT: Jenny Martinez, KRGV, Weslaco
-- TV VICE PRESIDENT: Mike George, KBTX, Bryan
-- RADIO PRESIDENT: Chace Murphy, WTAW, Bryan-College Station
-- and Dallas AP's Barry Bedlan & Diana Heidgerd ....

-- Approximately $27,100. ...
2. BILLS to be paid. Board approved paying:
-- $50 to webmaster Nolan Sprayberry, for July
-- $73.92 to Trophies Inc. of Dallas, for redo of a 1st-place plaque, spelling error. ...
3. Possible Southwest Broadcast Seminar in Dallas/TAPB help?
-- The board voted to donate $1,000 to support the seminar, led by the Texas Association of Broadcasters. No formal date set, but possibly Saturday, Oct. 29, at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. TAPB last year donated $750 for the event, when it was held at the University of Texas in Austin. Usually about 200 people attend. ...
4. Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas/annual contribution?
-- Board voted to donate $1,000 to FOIFT. Last year TAPB gave $750. ...
5. Headliners Foundation/updates:
-- Diana advised board that one possible date for fall Headliners Foundation Awards luncheon is Saturday, Oct. 22, at Headliners Club in Austin. More details later when date is firmed up.
-- Headliners Foundation in June sent email to TAPB, asking board to consider donating additional funds to Headliners' scholarships. TAPB last year donated $1,000 to Headliners scholarships. TAPB board members discussed finances, how TAPB this year donated $7,500 to its own scholarships, and how the total amount of TAPB money available (for either scholarship fund) solely depends on how much is raised in the annual TAPB contest (from entry fees). Those figures are not available until February, when radio/TV/online TAPB contest entries are sorted and the entry money is processed. It's at that time when TAPB figures out how it is doing financially, for the group's own scholarships (board members decide on TAPB scholarship winners and amounts in March), and TAPB scholarships must be funded first. TAPB chairman Joe Terrell will contact Headliners Foundation/Bergan Casey. ....
6. No other business. .... Next TAPB conference call will be Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011, at 10:30 a.m.