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Nov. 19, 2009 Board Actions

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Here is a review of the Nov. 19, 2009, Texas Associated Press
Broadcasters board of directors conference call, with:
-- CHAIRMAN: Rick Hadley, WBAP Radio, Dallas-Fort Worth
-- VICE CHAIRMAN: Joe Terrell, KLTV-TV, Tyler
-- TV PRESIDENT: Benji Snead, KCBD, Lubbock
-- TV VICE PRESIDENT: Jenny Martinez, KRGV, Weslaco
-- RADIO PRESIDENT: Emily Donahue, KUT, Austin.
-- RADIO VICE PRESIDENT: Chace Murphy, WTAW, Bryan-College Station
-- Special guest: Bergan Casey, Headliners Foundation, Austin
-- and Dallas AP's Diana Heidgerd

-- Board voted to EXPAND following Texas AP Broadcasters radio/TV
category to include in Headliners Foundation competition, 1st place
winners in TAPB advance to Headliners judging (same as in select other
TAPB categories).
More details when rules move on the wire in late December:
Best Online/Special Content. (3 entries per station). Any specific
spot news/topic/feature/unique content on your Web site. Please provide
that particular link to your Web site and any supporting materials.
THEN ADD/for Headliners competition:
-- Entry should represent a robust multimedia approach to
storytelling and/or utility in covering a major news event,
investigative project or feature subject. Entry should demonstrate a
creative and effective use of a range of appropriate multimedia tools
such as text, graphics, audio, video, still photography, and
interactivity that combine to produce a smart, high-impact package.
2. TAPB/Balance.
-- $24,850.17.
3. BILLS to be paid.
-- Noble Sprayberry, Webmaster: $50 for November.
4. JUDGES for March 2010 TAPB radio/TV weekend at DFW:
The following radio/TV professionals have agreed to fly to Dallas the
weekend of March 5-7, 2010, to judge TAPB contest tapes. Judging at
Hilton Homewood Suites in Grapevine, near Dallas-Fort Worth
International Airport. (NOTE: some previous TAPB judges have been
invited, but have yet to commit). Total will include eight TV & two
radio judges:
-- Eddie Perez, NBC News Channel, Charlotte, NC (bilingual)
-- Brad Neuhoff, WIS, Columbia, S.C.
-- Audrey Prywitch, KTVI (Fox)/KPLR (CW), St. Louis.
-- Rafael Sanchez, WRTV, Indianapolis. (bilingual)
-- Mike Thomas, WXIA, Atlanta.
-- Rick Sharp, KCRA-TV, Sacramento (husband of radio's Marianne Russ
-- Marianne Russ Sharp, KXJZ/public radio, Sacramento (wife of TV's
Rick Sharp)
-- R.C. Bauer, WFLA in Orlando, Fla.

5. Other business?
-- NONE.
Next TAPB board conference call Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009, to finalize
contest rules. Rules will move on the wire and be posted at